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>A friend of mine nagged the hell... | Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

>A friend of mine nagged the hell out of me to get it, but i did not want to since FPS games usually do not age well.
>But Steam sales what the hell i tought.
>Dowloaded it, installed it and fired it up expecting nothing more then a ???? old derp-about FPS same-old same-old.
>Found a server, had to pick between Fascist Pig or Glorious Soviet Russia.
>Choice was clear! ???? блять!
>Spawned in with the moistest of nuggets.
>Ran into the first building with my i saw feeling strong with my comrades next to me ready to put down Natzi dogs.
>Comrade in front got cut down by MG fire
>Comrades next to me got shot in the neck.
>I dived for cover
>No clue where shot came from.
>I cowardly hid behind a wall while hero comrade next to me gargled on his own blood for the next 20 seconds and dropped dead.
>Poor comrade hero :'(
>Next wave of Glorius youth of USSR came rushing in and around the building to save the day.
>I screamed at them to stop.
>But they got lit the ???? up by what must have been two or more MG34's shooting in intervals, ????ers never stopped.
>Started getting shelled by artie
>After what felt like an eternity the enemy fire it got quiet, to quiet.
>Tried to poke my head carefully out the window to try to see where MG nest is located.
>Only saw was a big office og housing complex with a lot of dark halfway borded up windows.
>Got lit the ???? up.
>I ???? my pants
>Dropped down on the floor.
>Crawled into safety to next room while under the most supressive of fires.
>Realises these Facist pigs know this killing business.
>MG's cannot see me, but no ????s were given, neighboring room and my only escape route is still lit the ???? up.
>It got quiet again
>I tought this is my chance!
>They must be out of ammo by now!
>I ran out of the room.
>Got lit up.
>Took one to the abdomen.
>???? блять!
>I slow down, but get to cover.
>Game tells me i am BLEEDING SLOWLY and i must press <LeftControl> to bandage.
>I panic.
>Brain goes derp, forgets how to <LeftControl>
>Slowly bleeding out.
>Avatar is rying in pain to go home in russian.
>Screen goes slowly dark.
>I am in shock.
>Instantly shut down computer.
>Goes to bed.
>Have horrible WW2 nightmares
>Definitively got PTSD.

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