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Greetings, comrade. For the first - I am sorry about my english pre intermediate skill, if someone can discuss with me on russian - you are welcome. I played this game for smth like 10 hours at the moment of writing this suggestion. This is one of the best tactical and strategical ( it is very unusuall today ) game in steam. I have big experience in this genre of games and I have basic understanding of processes in army. I mean managment and control. So, it is very nice, that in this game we have full freedom of choice and actions, but this moment have the dark side - sometimes people do unlogical, absolutly stupid things, thats why they losing shared team resourses. Sometimes this ppl did it becouse they are just newbies, but sometimes they did it becouse they want to harm, damage their own team just for fun. And if we speak about team damage - it is not a problem, we can kick teamkiller or mb sometime this system will kick it automatically. But what about resourses managment? We can controll this one, so everybody can use it like he wants. It is hard to play in team, when everybody is selfcommander. It is not only hard, but it is non realistic.
So, my suggestion:
- Add system-provided "High commander" rank ( position, rights )
- Add system of resourses managment for "High commander" - "HC"
- Add simple ( like we already had in squads ) system of order managment, but for whole team
How can it works ( for example ):
At the round beginings, player can vote for the choose commander. Commander have absolutly and exclusive rights to deal with plants and warehouses ( which ofcourse must be added, couse 10 billion cases at the base is funy, but absolutly silly ). HC can spawn vehicles ( mechanic of production it must not be changed - after spawning a car, players can see car's blue ghost and dealing with it, but they must not have resourses - couse it is already spent by HC in car's plant managment menu. HC can product weapons and another objects. Soldiers can only make a
fortifications. Ofcourse HC can assign helpers, which have some more rights too.
Why we need it:
As I say, I have really great experience in command games, and I can say, that if players have no reasons to follow the formally orders of formally commander - they will not follow it. This game looks like teamplay based, tactical and not simple. I see two ways:
Make private rights on all objects created by player. So, if the guy make a car, it becomes his own and nobody can use it. So, if nobody can take foreign objects, this game will lose a part of teamplay. It will separate players and this game becomes typicall FFA shooter with in-team fightings for resourses.
But another way - teamplay game, with hierarchy ( not anarchy like now in 9 of 10 rounds ). The way, when players have accurate targets and orders, they have to deal with their commander, which rule the team as he can. It that way, the chance to find inadequate persons that lose resourses for fun or about their stupidity, will tends to zero, as russian speakers says.
Ofcourse, in that second way players will not lose their freedom not to listen "HC" orders, but they have no way to ruined game by using unrealistic mechanics. This model using in many tactical games and it is really works. I hope, the developers will find this suggestion interesting and will use something to make this nice and potential game more interesting, realistic and, I hope, more popular. Thank you for your time spending on this crap-english-topic :D

Этой игре нужна механика Высшего командования. Игру рекомендую, она реально хорошая. Но оценка "Палец вверх" слегка с авансом - многое нужно менять, в частнои описанное выше.скачать dle 10.6фильмы бесплатно