Very Short Version:This game is AMAZING!!! (For... | Strain Tactics

Very Short Version:
This game is AMAZING!!! (For its price and Indie level of course)

First feeling it is crossbreed of "Door Kickers" and "Infested Planet" and It is Indie Tactical Strategy
in its nutshell as it can be... (If you like this 2 u should give a shot this one and vice versa) and some sort of mobile port?... kinda. And it is fine, for its price. But boy... gameplay... is exellent! Worth it, if You a "into" real time tactical squad management strategy games of course.

Kinda Long:
We have here a Indie Strategy Game and You a Commander. You have yours Tactical Command Helicopter (Manual almost absolute FREE landings on maps with some exceptions of course), and at the same time AC-130 "bomber" transformer for your ground team support needs and transportation... and??????ton of loot to pick up if you like it to do, "`case FUTURE baby" which is COOL. You have yours ground clean up/rescue team/crew. Recruit them, Clone them, Hire them, Build them, Find them, Free them, Steal them, Sell them, Kill/Clone/Destroy/Reconstruct and force them too work for you "`case this is apocalyptic future and U a in a DEEP NOW BABY". Pick a mission! Equip your troops! Made a unstoppable Terminator squad armed with machete, rip of enemy rib cages, grab still beating hearts and EAT THEM (YES you CAN). And don't forget you "DOPE"! We fighting a dangerous infection here! Or screw that's all and watch how infection and insanity going to kill `ya loayal man.

The graphics a simplest. Sounds cheap but fine. Music.. well... (I have a tendency to turn on my own, after hour of it). Voice acting minimal but with passion (ENEMY SPOTTED!!! RELOADING!!!) witch give combat more atmospheric
tension feeling of sorts, also VO feedback always a nice touch. Game itself plays geat. Product received some feedback and additional developer love, with is also nice (Care=Always Good).

P.S.: I'm suck at "long stories" (and not only) xD. But as Gamer with impressive record I can RECOMMEND this one. For its price, it is WORTH IT.

(РУ ппс: Я слишком пьян, мне???????? игра инди и ??????, того стоит. Большой палец вверх. Нужно больше инфы?^Переводите мой текст на вверху сами^ (2017 как-никак) xD. Всем крови и мясца для шашлычка!)