With all its flaws, glitches and россия... | War Thunder

With all its flaws, glitches and россия сильная, this game has me coming back and back again.

If you want to play a multiplayer tank/plane sim, but the rival games feel too arcadey, War Thunder is for you.

Yes, if you are a dedicated, hardcore player who invested real money into this game you will often feel enraged at how unbalanced this game can be. And even if you're mostly playing casually like me you will cringe at some of the seemingly insane decisions the devs sometimes make.

But there isn't any game quite like this one out there. And altho it may seem like it from some of the reviews, War Thunder is not broken. It plays well, it's fun, it has a great community for a game of this size, and if you ask me, I would never trade all this bickering about Russian bias and broken BR for a perfect game - it's just part of the charm and more often than not it's hilarious.

Also, the thing that got me into this thing in the first place is the absolutely amazing damage model. Besides quite accurate armor simulation, everything from the engine block to the fuel tank, shells, the crew and whatnot is modeled inside vehicles and every kill and death gives you a small replay where you can see your projectile penetrate the armor and shatter into a deadly cloud of shrapnel obliterating everything inside. If that's not awesome I don't know what is.

The only major con I want to list is the grind.

This game has a premium mode of sort, where you spend real money to boost your XP gain. Nothing wrong with that, it's free2play after all, but if you don't invest money you will have to invest time - a lot of it. You will start out nice and quick, swiftly getting rid of those reserve starting vehicles (tho they can be fun to play too, unlike in some other games), but as you progress higher (or rather, lower) through the unlock tree you will have to work more and more to unlock stuff and eventually almost grind to a halt as you find yourself wondering if the unlock progress bar is even moving at all.

It's certainly not impossible, I've even seen people who haven't spent a dime and somehow managed to grind through multiple vehicle trees, but that one or two highest tiers will for many seem a bit out of reach.