I reminmd that this is alpha-review... | Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr

I reminmd that this is alpha-review.

So far the game looks and feels nice. I always wanted an CRPG based on WH40K and this one is the closest to what I wanted to see long ago. It is a session 3D action with strong RPG elements. You play as Inquisitor, make deals with authorities, purge the unclean, craft unique items, conduct investigations and upgrade his/her combat efficiency.
The gameplay feels like previous works of NeocoreGames (especially one vampire-themed RPG) and features grotesque trees of developing our character. The gameplay focuses massively on kicking Nurgle and other chaos-scum butts and leaves almost no place for other activities, eg. there is no branches to improve your cashflow or relations with power-groups. So far Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr lacks visible plot, dialogs, intrigues with imperial Adepta, but there are investigations, tarot and reputations with factions.

Investigations are nice. This is special form of missions, where you pick up suspicious activity, make some choices how to develop it (get access to archives or enforce curfew or launch raids) then follow leads and make several runs with extra modifyers and supplements (like the ability to call on Imperial Guards or gas bomb battlefield). Every stage of investigation is narrative rich and every case you close is unique and yield different outcome.

Tarot is a way to force some handicaps and conditions on a mission, mostly used to get premium items. Eg. you may turn casual "kill everyone" into different task, complicated by siege engines, very fast nurglings and damage you receive will be stronger.

Actual gameplay is not so boring as I feared this summer. Your character have 2 slots for weapons (and may wield 4 weapons in diffecrent combinations) with unique submechanics (overheat, ammo, precision shots, AoE etc). You can take cover, use items and maneuvers allowed by armor or equpment (grenades, force fields, digital weapons etc). Backgrounds of character impacts gameplay: assassin can dodge around and move like crazy (this reature were not found while playing enforcer) and of course they have different proficiencies in armor/weapons. Environment is interactive and features traps, explosive containers, demolishable cover etc.

You may craft various items and disassemble farmed stuff, even customize your "healing potions" and improve your magos capabilities. So far on the low-tier games it helpful and funny but not groundbreaking.

Built-in achievements allow you to progress faster, get new branches of customisation, get reputation and perks.

My grattitude goes to music. It reminds me old hopeless games like DOOM 2 and other oldschool from 90-es, no orchesta and so called epic сrap often found in WH40K games.

My distaste goes to graphon and optimisation. My comp is not a potato but the game somehow makes it lower than 30 FPS and veeery long loading screens (even star map). Also I cannot understand where all the resources go, the picture does not look like high-end of modern graphics.

So... as a man who played tons of Warhammer 40000 games (and actual wargame and TRPGs) I find Inquisitor - Martyr worthy of mentioning and playing. WH40K is oversaturated with RTS, time-killers, 3D-actions and... well... rather specific computer games thus a good action-RPG is desireable and wanted. By what is present at the moment, Inquisitor - Martyr can make a good representation of setting in this gaming genre.