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The main reason why this game got... | Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™

The main reason why this game got so many negative reviews is because some of the players belive that the ending is a cliff-hanger and it's rather depressing. In my opinion, it's pretty logical ending, though you do not get the chance to stick it to the man and a lot of questions are left unaswered. The devs promised to do some DLC's to answer these questions and a lot of people got pi$$еd at them once they did some small complimentary DLC's that did not delivered the promice they've made. But I see a glimpse of hope, as the devs has made them completelly free right now. Good move, Square Enix. Though personally I think that it's a good ending, but maybe it's just me... Seems like a logical conclusion to a main story.

Besides that, the game is very well-made. It offers you a wide arsenal for your tactical needs and the story is not quite linear, as usually is the Deus Ex series, you have your space for a improvisation. I am quite content with weapons selection and all the gadgets and implants. The gameplay is dinamic and good. NPC's can surprise you sometimes with their abilities and armor will make you harder to take down, but it won't make you invisible, you still can get fцcкеd by a bunch of bots fairly easy, so I suggest not to rush into the enemy and think a bit about your options. Stealth is usually the best one, but you can go guns blazing as well, though it may get quite a bit more difficult. Good story, good side-quests (Except maybe for one or two, that feels kind of repetitive and dumb), but mostly these are good. The gameplay is fairly long, it took me about 30 hours to complete the game... Though I did a lot of side quests and I derpred around with my ciber-implants as well. And personally, I did like the ending. I think I will complete the game once more. Maybe even couple of times... And keep waiting for these DLC's that the devs have promised. Maybe they'll shed some light into some game events. Well, anyway... I really enjoyed the game and I do recommend you to purchase it. In my personal opinion Square Enix did a really good job and they are nice guys for giving everyone a free exclusive pass...

10 of 10, do recommend to everyone who is a fan of the series. It's a must have.скачать dle 10.6фильмы бесплатно