TL;DR: Spend thirty minutes to an hour... | Dota 2

TL;DR: Spend thirty minutes to an hour slowly collecting gold until you can afford to advance and destroy an enemy fort.

Let's be honest here, does the premise of being grouped with 9 random strangers with an array of emotional and social handicaps appeal to you? then jump right in. You'll soon be reprimanded by oversexed teenagers who can't stop talking about having sexual intercourse with your family because you are not adhering to how they've symbiotically generated their own common law in concern to how the game itself should be played, you yourself, shall struggle for what seems an eternity to find your footing in a everchanging buggy meta-game, let's face it, with Dota 2 you get what you pay for, nothing, unless the repetitive introduction of low quality community and house cosmetics turn you on, then do continue.

I'll make this easy on the eyes with Dota 2 being such a short nail it's not going to take much of my strength to hammer the main point into your head. My words will likely retain their values among those aged 16-20 still wondering what to do with their lives and stumbling across what seems to be a great, free to play game and bustling community. I'm sure you've heard the term "too many cooks spoil the broth" before, that definitely rings true here though no cook speaks your language and they'll take a dump in the broth if they've failed to take their currently assigned medication, to the point.

If you're lucky enough to find a game in your region in less than ten minutes you'll find yourself at one of the most wonderful character select screens in existence. Think back to that feeling you had when you played street fighter alpha 3 and you just couldn't decide among the myriad of choice who you were going to choose to destroy the opposition. You'll get called a ****** if you don't decide in time or even lose gold for your team so you better of read the ******* manual or you're going straight to low priority hell, what's that I ask? a lovely place any of those nine teammates can put you in if they don't like you, ironically, most people who play dota don't like people to begin with, they've had a rough life whether it were potato farming in Peru, wrestling bears in Russia or even fighting off Dracula in Romania so if you even think to step one foot out of line, you'll most certainly be sanctioned at the discretion of valve's poorly constituted algorithms.

Now it's time for you to farm, wait.... they're telling you you're not allowed, that they'll kill you and your friends in real life if you take even a penny of their gold because they really need to buy the Manta Style, you don't even know what the **** a Manta Style even is but you figure it's pretty important but even if you don't, it doesn't matter because five minutes have passed and the games over. You lost because apparently your support bought a courier and someone else killed it because they couldn't decide where they wanted to be on the map because nobody was playing how the professionals do in the international and your carry had to go afk because his Dad knocked on his bedroom door thinking he was ******* off to ???????s with how loud he was shouting сосать!сосать!сосать! you sink your head into your hands in dissapointment until you hear "Radiant Victory" as you only thought you lost but you won because the enemy team disconnected before the game even began because someone picked Meepo and disagreement lead to instant forefit.

Dota 2, Baby.