I honestly don't know... | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

I honestly don't know. I've spent numerous hours on this game and Im not able to tell wether I love it or hate it.
As most competetive games it can turn frustrating really fast, however I do not believe that there is any way to express the levels of frustration I've reached with this game.

"Stupid 64 tick i hate this game but i still play it >:((( "
Yes. 64 tick hitdetection actually can be a problem when relying on risky maneuvers and such. The game tries to be unbiased as it can be in regards to hitdetection but sometimes its just absolutely ridiculous and using weapons that you bought for a high amount of ingame-cash will feel like rolling a dice.

"i trade you knife give debit card, да?"
The community surrounding the game shares a lot of traits, the biggest being the trade-and/or-scam ideal.
Its disappointing to see greed like this in a simple video game like Counter:Strike - then again, it's more so dissapointing that some people actually fall for blatant attempts of fraud and alike.
If you actually want to enjoy this game you're better off isolating yourself and staying with your little group of friends that you can trust.

"I'm so good at the vidya kid 8) im gLOBAL ELITE!!"
If you already bought the game or watched some gameplay you should know about some people taking the competetive aspect of this game way too serious. There will always be an asian kid out there thats better than you in everything you try, but it's more likely a case of a cheater going rampant to boast about his third party software he downloaded off some youtube video explaining how to crack videogames. .
Despite VAC's effort and the developer introducing Matchmaking:Prime, the battle they fight against cheaters will never come to an end. This might be the most frustrating aspect of this game. It's sad to see an hour or almost two of your time going down the drain cause you just encountered a cheater. Matchmaking points are more often reset if there was one of aforementioned people on the other team, causing you to lose any progress made afterwards. It leaves the player without compensation more than often.

Now...! [/b] despite all the negative aspects of this game, I'm going to recommend it for people that wish for a filling experience on teamwork, GIVEN THAT YOU HAVE RELIABLE FRIENDS OR TEAMMATES !

thanks for reading or something i dont know