Three Civ games later and this one... | Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete

Three Civ games later and this one is still the best.

Admittedly, I would recommend Civ V for than this just because has much more content and is overall better looking and running, also for the most part people tend to enjoy Civ V more as well.

So first off to really enjoy it you must be willing to sit down for a looooong time, this game takes a long time to progress so be patient. With that out of the way lets discuss why this game is more favorable than Civ V

1) Bigger armies, Bigger Battles
Civ III allows HUGE armies to battle. This means war is actually dangerous and you need to have a war plan if your are gonna beef with another Civ. Along with massive armies you can stack units, something you cannot do in Civ V, normally this would ruin the flow of gameplay when you have 60 units on one tile, but somehow it doesn't. Also, Civ V's fighting mechanics are straight up garbage, and some units are overpowered and too hard to fight.

2) Governments, Сове?тский Сою?з!
What the hell Sid, why would you remove an amazing part of the Civ experience? :(
Governments are what allow you to determine how much money you make, how fast you produce things, how much millitia you can have, and some others. Without governments, Civ V has a laughably bad Social policies and World congress type deal that can basically screw you over depending on who has control over it.

3) Trading tech, Who got the Wheel?
Why was this removed. Trading tech was a central part of the Civ III experience, you could make some mad cheese, or skip entire halves of an age with this. Maybe it was too easy to get tech from the AI or something, but this needs to come back.

4) Advisors aren't annoying and useless.
In Civ V advisors are stupid and useless, simple.
In Civ III advisors maintain your civ and keep things nice and tidy, simple.

Now these were just some of the things that I think make Civ III great, but as I said, you might just want to buy Civ V instead, it has much more content and is better looking and running.

Maybe it's nostalgia, Maybe it really is butter.
Who won? You decide.